Round Wood Table With Steel Legs

Round Wood Table With Steel Legs

I found this great looking , very useful round wood table with steel legs while I was looking for pieces of furniture for my living room.

It is a round table made of reclaimed barn wood and it has steel legs. It is available in different colors but the one I chose is this dark brown one. It has a very nice chevron pattern.

It can be used a central table for a group of sofas or chairs, where you can put your cup of coffe. In addition it can be used as a decoration item, where you can put some ornaments, flower vases or similar.

I like how it looks because the reclaimed barn wood looks great in any decoration and I think it will look awesome in my living room. Because of the color and material, if I decide in the future to change my sofas, I will not need to change this table as it fits almost with any decoration.

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