We often need something to divide the space available in our living room into separate areas. For example, to divide an area with sofas or armchairs from an area with a dining table. In addition, room dividers can enhance the home decor as the are many options available on the market made of different material to fit different styles. Trying to find the best folding room divider for my living room I read hundreds of reviews on my favorite online retailer, before I found my favorite and the other four options I considered before buying.


With so many options , how did I choose this five products ? I always try to read the greater amount of reviews I can, and tend to discard the ones with very bad reviews. However, sometimes people give bad reviews because the product they bought came damaged, and that is something can happen from time to time. Of course if there are many similar cases I open my eyes and try to investigate further.


On the other hand, I tried to find reasonable prices. I didn’t want to pay too much for this type of product. Although it is an important part of the home decor, it is not something we cannot live without one.


Which was my first choice ? This one below.

Freestanding Brown Wood & Woven Paper Rattan Folding Room Divider

This room divider made of wood and woven paper rattan resulted my favorite. I has four panels and a small shelf in the middle of each one which are removable. I decided to leave them and use them to put some photo frames with family photographs and a small potted plant which gives it more life.


Another think I liked about this room divider is that it comes assembled, you only have to put the shelves if you want. In addition it was easy to blend with the rest of our living room decoration and I think it is easy to fit to any decoration.


ACME 02284 71-Inch-High Black Wood Folding Room Divider Screen

This one would be my second choice. It is smaller than the first one as it has three panels, and it also a bit cheaper. It comes in three different colors, black, yellow and cherry. It is almost the same height as my favorite panel.


The screen is made of thick paper so it must be handled with care, but it looks really nice.


Winsome Wood 3-Panel Wood Folding Screen

This is totally different from the others. It is made of wood and has 3 panels. If your decoration is wood based, this may be a good fit. It is heavy so it is not easily tipped over.


Proman Products FS16668 Jakarta Folding Screen with Water Hyacinth Deocoration

If you like a country style , this folding screen from Proman is the perfect one. It has four panels and it has a thick texture which lets no visibility through it. It looks really good.


Decorative Chinese Calligraphy Design Wood & Bamboo Hinged 4 Panel Room Divider

I like how this one looks but it wouldn’t fit in my living room overall style. It is a four panel screen with wooden frame and the panels made of bamboo with Asian decoration.


It is 69 inches height, so it is a bit lower than the other ones. If you want something really different to divide sections of your living room, this can be a great choice.