Our traditional sense of preparing pancakes demanded a simple pan and some butter but technology has progressively bettered the process by the invention of a pancake maker. The gadget is said to be first invented in 1928 by a man in Portland and in 1955 the USA based Vendo created a semi-automatic machine that produced pancakes in less than 3 minutes. A pancake maker could be described as an electrically-powered device that produces pancakes automatically. They are easy to use and once you have mixed up the flour, granulated sugar, kosher salt, milk and eggs, you pour the mixture to the griddle. After a few minutes, you flip to cook on the other side..

5 Best Pancake Makers

Pancakes being a versatile meal, it is obvious that you get the best appliance to help you cook this delicacy more conveniently. So why is it advisable to get a pancake maker to prepare your breakfast snack and ditch the use of traditional simple pan?


I. Pancake makers have a special design that ensures the temperature on the pan is evenly distributed and can also be controlled, avoiding burning your pancakes. Even people who are not very skilled in preparing pancakes are safe to use these makers.

II. Some pancake makers allow you to make multiple pancakes at a go. Pancake makers are faster. If you have a large family, you will quickly cook the pancakes and have breakfast ready in good time. The traditional simple pans will have you sweating when you have a big number of people waiting to eat your pancakes. Some pancake makers can produce up to 200 pancakes an hour.

III. The pancake makers have made cooking of the thin crepes and the Japanese Oban Yaki easy. You do need to worry about your creep of pancake sticking on the pan’s surface of getting burnt.
IV. The pancake-makers allow you to make well-shaped, uniform pancakes and some have cute emojis engrave on their plates making such catchy pancakes. Kids enjoy having such fun pancakes.

V. Most pancake makers can also cook other foods besides the pancake. You can make waffles, grilled cheese, burgers and cookies among other snacks eliminating the need of other kitchen appliances.

Dash DMG8100AQ


dash pancake maker

Dash DMG8100AQ 8” Express Electric Round Griddle for pancakes is one of the best pancake makers in the market. It has a heating technology for exact temperature control, allowing you to prepare your meals perfectly. It is portable and will only occupy minimal space in your kitchen.

The sparks of it are that you will not only make your pancakes but you can also prepare some biscuits, burgers, eggs, waffles, hash browns, panini, grilled cheese and other snacks with no additional pots or pans.

It is very ideal for fixing quick snacks. You wouldn’t need to worry about those quick fixes for kids with a Dash DMG8100AQ 8” Express Electric Round Griddle in your kitchen.

It weighs 1.42 pounds. It also comes in handy for college students, people living in cozy apartments or those travelling and camping as they are very portable and can easily be stored.


It is easy to clean as well as easy to use. You only need to plug in and wait for the light indicator to turn off in a few minutes. Its dual PFOA-free and non-stick surfaces ensure the pan is evenly heated for great cooking results.

This pan maker makes such a perfect gift. Get it for those friends or family on their wedding day or moving into a new home or any other day you feel like gifting someone.
They come in different colors so you should not be worried about having an appliance that doesn’t fit your home décor.

Dash DMG8100AQ 8” Express Electric Round Griddle comes with a 1-year warranty.

5 Best Pancake Makers

Crepe Maker Pro


morning star crepe maker



Crepe Maker Pro – 13 Inch is one of the finest kitchen-wear that comes in a sleek design with a nicely brushed metallic appearance that. It has a non-stick surface of 13” diameter that provides enough surfaces to prepare an ideal, yummy creep.

Crepe Maker Pro – 13 Inch heats quickly and once plugged to the source of power, it will ready to cook in a few minutes.
This Crepe maker is portable. It comes with handles that allow easy movement of the griddle as well as providing a good grip while cleaning it. As a bonus, the Morning Star also includes a butter spreader on the Creep Maker purchase so you do not need to buy it separately.


The Crepe Maker is also ideal for making other snacks such as pancakes, dosa, injera and eggs. It also has a light indicator that shows you when the plate has reached your desired temperature. If you have trouble getting the temperature right, you should not worry when using this pancake maker since it can control its temperature with a dial.


Its rubber feet give it stability as you cook and helps prevent damages of your kitchen surfaces by the Crepe Maker.

Baby Cakes Flip Over Pancake Maker


baby cakes pancake maker



The Babycakes Flip-Over Pancake Maker is a great appliance that makes pancakes fast and easy. It is also a gadget that cooks omelets, eggs and other snacks in a few minutes.  This Pancake maker can make two pancakes in a couple of minutes as their plate allows you to make two pancakes at a go.

The flip-over hinge makes it easy to flip over the pancakes.  The pancake maker comes with a recipe that guides you on how you can make your pancakes perfectly using this gadget. If you do not need to be a pro at making pancakes, the babycakes flip-over pancake has your back. It also comes with a butter measuring scoop that ensures you use the correct amount of butter while making your pancakes every time.

This gadget is easy to clean so no need to worry about spending lots of time and energy scrubbing it.

10″ Non-Stick Pancake Griddle


10" pancake griddle



Ever wondered how pancakes come with emojis on them? Well, the non-stick Griddle 10 inch Grill Pan is how. This gadget has emoji engraved plates that allow you to have fun with your pancakes and have your kids’ favourite emoji on their plate for breakfast.

The pancake maker also has a plate divided into recesses that allow you to make multiple small pancakes at a go. So you can get the job done fast and conveniently.  Its non-stick nature allows you to easily flip the cakes without getting all messy, which also makes it very easy to clean.

Since it is made of aluminum, the pancake maker can retain heat well and has even distribution of heat due to its super-conductivity. You do not need to worry about having some bit of your pancakes cooking before others on the pan.
Its silicone handle ensures it does not heat up while you cook on your gas or electric stove.

Below are some notes you should take when using the appliance:
• Before using it, hand-wash it with warm water and soap and rinse it then dry it.
• Do not use a dish-washer to clean it as the handle might be destroyed.
• Avoid the use of metal utensils when making your pancakes. They can damage the non-stick pan surface.
• Do not use abrasive cleaners and pads while cleaning the pan. They will damage the non-stick coating of the pan.
• It is advisable to always use medium heat while cooking with the pan as the use of very high heat will shorten the life of the non-stick surfaces.
• Do not leave the pan on the lit stove unattended or boil dry. This damages the non-stick surface.
• Do not use it in your oven
• When the silicon handle gets heated up, use the oven mitt to avoid hurting yourself

Japanese Obanyaki stuffed pancake maker


stuffed pancake maker



The Japanese Obanyaki Pan Stuffed Pancake Toaster has been designed for making the 3-D type of pancakes and the famous Japanese snack called the Imagawayaki (also termed as Oban Yaki).

This pancake toaster comes with four holes on the die-cast high-quality aluminum plates with a non-stick surface that prevents your pancakes from sticking on the pan’s surface.

This stuffed pancake maker is dishwasher friendly. Its portable nature makes it convenient for making delicious snacks on picnics, barbecue gatherings or camping.

The Japanese Obanyaki Pan also makes a great gift. It is ideal for all households and more so for your friends or family who enjoy the Japanese Imagawayaki.

Pancake Maker Buyers Guide

Below are factors to consider before clicking “add to cart” on Amazon or EBay while shopping for a pancake maker:

 The size of the plate
Pancake makers come in different sizes, meaning the pancakes will cook in different sizes. How big you like your pancakes will help you trim drown your choices. Some gadgets come in plates of diameters of 13 inches. Others come with plates divides into small recesses that produce multiple smaller pancakes.

 The size of your kitchen counter space is also a great determinant of the plate size you should buy. If your kitchen is small, then a small pancake maker is ideal for you.

 Temperature control
The maker’s ability to evenly distribute the heat on the plate is a factor you should not ignore. Get one that will make your cooking smooth by ensuring the whole plate heats evenly. Also, some models come with light temperature indicators that allow you to monitor the heat of the pan. Some even go off when the maker overheats. If you are a person who has a challenge in getting the temperature right, then you should consider going for such pancake makers.

 Plate Heating Speed
All pancake maker’s plate’s heat at different rates so ensures you check before purchasing. One that cooks within 3 minutes is more ideal as the whole point of a pancake maker is speed. Beside, plates that heat quickly will make sure the pancakes cook fast and well so that they don’t tear when flipped over.

 Other convenience features
These are features that make one pancake maker stand out from the other such as: Can it be cleaned in a dishwasher? Does it have well-insulated handles? Are there any extras that come with the maker? Does it have a “lip” that prevents spillage? How long is the warranty?

A combination of the above factors will assist you in picking a pancake maker that suits your needs.


There is a wide range of pancake makers currently in the market but at the end of it all, it comes down to what suits your needs. You ought to invest in something that will serve you satisfactory. A pancake maker is meant to make your life easy and with the above information, you can confidently choose one that will make you happy.